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Melissa Williams

My name is Melissa Williams, a founder of Abacus Professional Accountants. The path to Abacus started 25 years ago when I was hired as a summer intern at a small tower construction company, as a dedicated, gritty, and detail-oriented teenager fresh out of high school I soon discovered a passion for facts & figures, precision, and audits. What started as a summer internship landed a 24-year stretch in GAAP accounting, mergers and acquisitions, banking and treasury, and balance sheet management.  My job titles prior to joining this incredible team have included: payroll manager, accounting manager, senior and staff accountant. I attended Portland State University and studied the nuances behind human resources, payroll, and compliance. 

I am an Oregon native but left in the early 2000’s to further my career in the peaceful North Texas countryside where I’ve lived and worked remote the last 20 years of my life.  When I’m not crunching numbers, I’m passionate about child welfare and, along with my husband, have nurtured over 13 medical children through the state’s Foster Care system. In my spare time I enjoy barnyard chickens, photography, reading and digging in the dirt alongside my children.

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